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Take medical competencies
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"Being able to turn annual competencies into a fun and interactive game has transformed how my unit approaches these mandatory assessments. It enables me to validate skills in real time, as the facilitator."

— Michelle Beisly, MSN, RN, CPN, Unit Education Coordinator

Benefits of escape room learning

Medical competencies are serious business. Keeping up to date is critical for your staff, your facility, and your patients. So why turn it into a game? Simple. Because it works.

  • It's Fun
    Validating competencies is an annual requirement for healthcare professionals. It’s often seen as a tedious task — and not exactly popular among the staff.  We’ve taken this required process and combined it with game logic to create a truly fun skill validation experience.
  • It Builds Teamwork
    The built-in collaboration required in an escape room game doesn’t just encourage teamwork — it makes it an essential part of the process. In fact, research has shown that escape room learning improves team dynamics.
  • It Fosters Real Time Validation
    Medical competency games are learning-outcome based. They include measurable objectives to ensure that your facility can operate with the highest standards. Independent research has proven that escape room learning methods increase confidence in medical skills.
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